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LibiSpray Intensive 50ml

Intensive libido enhancer spray for women, that increases sexual experience. Active ingredients (L-arginine and ginseng) enhance blood flow in intimate zones.

Put some LibiSpray on intimate places (labia and clitoris). Rub it gently in and let it absorb. LibiSpray can be used directly before having sex or during foreplay. LibiSpray stays on up to 30 minutes.

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It intensifies sexual experience, thanks to better blood supply

stronger orgasm, thanks to boosting clitorial blood flow

better lubrication

warm-up effect

pleasant tingling and stimulation

LibiSpray  is a lubricating gel which can be used as a lubricant. It counteracts abrasions and irritation. It has neutral pH value for intimate spheres of women.    

Safe for the skin. With a very pleasant smell.

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