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Durex Natural Gel, 100ml

Durex Natural Gel is 100% natural and designed to make those intimate moments feel smooth and naturally thrilling. Its gentle water-based formula has no added fragrance or colours, is pH friendly, and works with your body to moisturise your intimate areas for smoothness and comfort.


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Lots of couples want to enhance their sex life and make their sex even more pleasurable. But some things seem too complicated or far-fetched for them. They don’t know what to choose or how to start.

That’s why they just stay where they are.

At the same time most couples don’t expect that improvement to come from gels. But Durex can prove the contrary - gel can become a good and simple solution for adding more sensation to sex. The brand offers an easy and natural way to make those special moments thrilling and memorable - Durex Naturals Intimate Gel. It heightens sensitivity and helps to enhance your sex life.

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