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EXS Bubblegum 4tk

1,20 €

Презервативы EXS Bubblegum пахнут так же, как жевательная резинка, без какого-либо резинового запаха. Этот инновационный презерватив добавит веселья в вашу сексуальную жизнь своим невероятным запахом, ароматом и необычной круглой упаковкой.

Размеры: 56 мм

EXS Ribbed & Dotted 4шт

1,20 €

EXS Ribbed Dotted & Flared condoms are designed with ribs, dots and a flared head to provide maximum pleasure for you and your partner. These textured condoms are made from crystal clear and odor free latex. EXS condoms, from the UK, are made of 100% all-natural superior latex to ensure reliability and maximum comfort. EXS condoms meet or exceed international standards. 

Nominal width 56 mm

  • -20%

EXS Boys Own 4шт

2,79 € 3,49 € -20%

EXS Boys Own is the leading gay condom brand in the UK! It is one of the few extra strong condoms that have been independently tested and approved forboth teh safety and pleasure of gay men. These condoms offer the highest level of protection and reliability; they are also gently lubricated for additional comfort throughout.

Nominal width 54 mm