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Exs variety pack 42pcs
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EXS Variety pack 42pcs


A set of 42 condoms includes:

6 x EXS Black Latex - classic condoms made of black latex

6 x EXS Nano Thin - extremely thin condoms, slightly smaller in size

6 x EXS Ribbed & Dotted & Flared - condoms widened with protrusions and stripes

6 x EXS Regular - classic condoms

6 x EXS Glow in The dark - Glow in the dark condoms

6 x EXS Warming - warming condoms

6 x EXS Cooling - cooling condoms

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Pasante Glow 6pcs

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Pasante Glow Condoms glow in the dark for extra fun in the bedroom. They are made from high quality natural rubber and are lubricated with a non-spermicidal lubricant.

Simply place the condom in a strong light for 30 seconds, either in the wrapper or while you're wearing it and it will glow brightly for 15 minutes followed by an after glow for some time after that.

Nominal width 54 mm