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EXS Boys Own 4pcs


EXS Boys Own is the leading gay condom brand in the UK! It is one of the few extra strong condoms that have been independently tested and approved forboth teh safety and pleasure of gay men. These condoms offer the highest level of protection and reliability; they are also gently lubricated for additional comfort throughout.

Nominal width 54 mm

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Durex Fun Mix 24pcs


The Durex Fun Mix package contains four types of condoms from Durex, which means that you will have a condom for every mood.
Sometimes it gets boring to use the same condom all the time and you want some variation. In this package you'll find both colorful, thin and ribbed & dotted condoms so you'll have a condom for every occasion for sure. 

The package includes:
6 x Durex Arouser - Made with uniquely positioned ribs for a more intense experience during sex.
6 x Durex Pleasuremax - with ribs and dots. Ribs are located on the bottom of the condom to stimulate the g-spot.
6 x Durex Fetherlite Elite - thinner and offer greater sensitivity, increasing the feeling of intimacy with your partner without sacrificing safety.
6 x Durex Strawberry - Strawberry flavored condoms.

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Durex Perfect Gliss 10pcs


The Durex Perfect Gliss Condoms have the most lubricant of all the condoms in the Durex range. You can use them for vaginal, anal or oral sex. This condom has extra silicone based lubricant (lasts 3x longer than water based lubricant). Extra lubricant ensures long-lasting pleasure.

Nominal width: 56 mm

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Durex Invisible XL 10pcs


Durex Invisible XL- thinner non-flavored latex condoms from Durex in a slightly wider size than standard condoms. These condoms are only 0.04-0.05mm thin and 57 mm wide (the standard width of Durex condoms is 52mm). The condom has straight edges and an enlarged tip, they are transparent, lubricated, extra thin and easy to put on.

Nominal width 57 mm.

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Adore vibrating ring


Adore Vibrating Ring is designed to give you more pleasure during intercourse by vibrating against the clitoris during love making. Each ring will last up to 20 minutes of continual use. Batteries are for single use and are not changeable.

For external use only.

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EGZO Dulche Bombero1pcs


Latex condom with tiny antennae located on the edge. They will give incomparable sensation, when every cell of the body ignites from the flames of passionate lust. Soar to the height of unknown pleasure with this humble contraceptive with a spicy addition.

Nominal width: 52 +/-2 mm

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Durex Arouser 12pcs


Durex Arouser is transparent, teat-ended, straight sided, natural rubber latex condom with a non-spermicidal lubricant. Made with uniquely positioned ribs for a more intense experience with extra stimulation during sex. The straight shape provides a natural, sleeker fit for extra comfort and ease of application.