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Durex Fun Explosion 8pcs

€5.49 €6.10 -10%

The Durex Fun Explosion package contains four types of condoms from Durex, which means that you will have a condom for every mood.
Sometimes it gets boring to use the same condom all the time and you want some variation. In this package you'll find both colorful, thin and ribbed & dotted condoms so you'll have a condom for every occasion for sure. 

The package includes:
2 x Durex Strawberry aroma (red)
2 x Durex Pleasuremax (pink)
2 x Durex Elite (purple)
2 x Durex Feel Ultra Thin (silver)

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EXS Boys Own 4pcs

€2.79 €3.49 -20%

EXS Boys Own is the leading gay condom brand in the UK! It is one of the few extra strong condoms that have been independently tested and approved forboth teh safety and pleasure of gay men. These condoms offer the highest level of protection and reliability; they are also gently lubricated for additional comfort throughout.

Nominal width 54 mm

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Pasante Female condom 1pcs

€2.41 €3.01 -20%

The Pasante Internal (previously known as the Female condom) is a non-latex, non-spermicidal lubricated sheath worn by women as a contraceptive.

Length: 180 mm.
Width: 50-70 mm.

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Pasante Glow 6pcs

€3.83 €4.50 -15%

Pasante Glow Condoms glow in the dark for extra fun in the bedroom. They are made from high quality natural rubber and are lubricated with a non-spermicidal lubricant.

Simply place the condom in a strong light for 30 seconds, either in the wrapper or while you're wearing it and it will glow brightly for 15 minutes followed by an after glow for some time after that.

Nominal width 54 mm