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Durex Fetherlite Ultra Thin 6pcs


Durex has created the perfect condom for you, Fetherlite Ultra Thin condoms are so fine it will feel like there is nothing between you, your partner and having a good time. Durex Fetherlite Ultra condoms are 20% thinner than standard latex condoms and help to enhance sensitivity, bringing you and your partner even closer together.

Nominal width: 52 mm

"ONE" Super Sensitive 3pcs


ONE Super Sensitive- so soft and smooth with 50% more lubricant.
Heighten your senses with an exceptionally sheer design and 50% more lubricant than the average condom.

Straight-walled shape.
50% More Premium Silicone Lubricant.
Reservoir Tip.

Nominal width: 53 mm

Pasante Sensitive Feel 6pcs


Thinner than most standard condoms, the Pasante Sensitive Condom promotes heat transfer for a feeling that is intense and exciting. Extra sensitive condoms for a better feel.

Nominal width: 53 mm

Pasante Silk Thin 6pcs


Silk Thin™ is Pasante’s thinnest ever latex condom being up to half the thickness of Pasante’s regular condom*. At just 40 – 45 microns thick, Silk Thin™ offers both partners the closest sexual experience for that real feeling. Smooth, parallel, natural colour & teat-ended condoms. Silk Thin is 190mm long and 53mm wide.

Nominal width: 53 mm

EXS NANO Thin 4pcs


EXS Nano Thin Condoms - Ultra Thin Latex Condoms for Greater Sensitivity. EXS condoms, from the UK, are made of 100% all-natural superior latex to ensure reliability and maximum comfort. EXS condoms meet or exceed international standards.

Nominal width 53 mm