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Pasante is a global brand of condoms, lubricants and pregnancy tests based in the UK and exporting to over 60 countries around the world. All condoms are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

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Pasante Gentle Light Lube 75ml


Pasante Light Lube is clear and odourless so as to create no distractions, just smoothness. The Pasante Light Lube gently and effectively lubricates without ever going tacky.

Amount: 75ml

Pasante Unique 3pcs


Pasante Unique condom is thin, in fact one of the world’s thinnest, and yet it is strong and will not let you down by splitting in the midst of the action. It gives an ultra sensitive feeling for sex that feels sensational. 

Thickness 15 micron.
Nominal width 60 mm.

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Pasante Flavours 8pcs


Packaging includes 8 condoms, with 4 different flavors:

2 x Strawberry
2 x Chocolate
2 x Blueberry
2 x Mint

Nominal width 52 mm

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Pasante Glow 6pcs

€3.60 €4.50 -20%

Pasante Glow Condoms glow in the dark for extra fun in the bedroom. They are made from high quality natural rubber and are lubricated with a non-spermicidal lubricant.

Simply place the condom in a strong light for 30 seconds, either in the wrapper or while you're wearing it and it will glow brightly for 15 minutes followed by an after glow for some time after that.

Nominal width 54 mm

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Pasante Female condom 1pcs

€2.41 €3.01 -20%

The Pasante Internal (previously known as the Female condom) is a non-latex, non-spermicidal lubricated sheath worn by women as a contraceptive.

Length: 180 mm.
Width: 50-70 mm.

Pasante Silk Thin 6pcs


Silk Thin™ is Pasante’s thinnest ever latex condom being up to half the thickness of Pasante’s regular condom*. At just 40 – 45 microns thick, Silk Thin™ offers both partners the closest sexual experience for that real feeling. Smooth, parallel, natural colour & teat-ended condoms. Silk Thin is 190mm long and 53mm wide.

Nominal width: 53 mm

Pasante Warming Sensation 6pcs


39Pasante Warming Sensation Condoms are ribbed and lubricated with a special warming effect lubricant for superior sensation and pleasure for both partners.

Nominal width: 52 mm

Pasante Tropical 6pcs


Pasante Tropical Flavoured Condoms add some fun to your sex life with a great smell and taste.

2 x Coconut
2 x Mango
2 x Pineapple

Nominal width: 53 mm

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Pasante Super King 6pcs


Pasante Super King condoms are the largest condoms that Pasante has. Super wide and super long for additional comfort.

Nominal width: 69 mm

Pasante Sensitive Feel 6pcs


Thinner than most standard condoms, the Pasante Sensitive Condom promotes heat transfer for a feeling that is intense and exciting. Extra sensitive condoms for a better feel.

Nominal width: 53 mm

Pasante Ribbed 6pcs


Pasante Ribbed Condoms add extra pleasure to your sex life with a ribbed textured surface that increases sexual stimulation.

Width: 52 mm

Pasante Regular 6pcs


There are traditional men who request a traditional condom. The Pasante Regular Condom fits that description but adds a bit with a superior fit. With any condom a better fit means heightened sensations. 

Nominal width: 54 mm

Pasante Naturelle 6pcs


The Pasante Naturelle condom is a soft, non-spermicidal lubricated, natural latex condom that follows the contours of the body for a more comfortable fit that stays in place. The pouched tip moves slightly during sex to provide the critical bit of extra stimulation.

Width: 53mm

Pasante Cooling 6pcs


Pasante Cooling Sensation Condoms are ribbed and lubricated with a special cooling effect lubricant for superior sensation and pleasure for both partners. A regular size condom made from high quality natural latex rubber.

Nominal width 52 mm

Pasante Black Velvet 6pcs


Pasante Black Velvet Condoms are black in colour, larger than a regular condom for extra comfort and are made from natural latex with a non-spermicidal lubricant.

Nominal width 55 mm.