LibiGel orgasmic gel 100ml

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LibiGel is intensive libido enhancer gel for women, that increases sexual experience. Active ingredients (L-arginine and ginseng) enhance blood flow in intimate zones.

LibiGel is an innovative extract, maximizing sexual sensations due to its unique capability of vaginal tightening. You will remind your man of your first sexual performance and you will get aroused after a really short foreplay! It will allow your partner the most intense penetration, which will enable you to share even more closeness. You will reach the orgasm of your lifetime!

LibiGel has been created specially for women who expect immediate vaginal tightening during the intercourse and a powerful orgasm. Due to its moisturizing properties, it can be used as a lubricant. 

Amount: 100 ml.


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Application: Put some gel on intimate places (labia and clitoris). Rub it gently in and let it absorb. LibiGel can be used directly before having sex or during foreplay. It stays on up to 30 minutes. 

LibiGel  is a lubricating gel which can be used as a lubricant.
It counteracts abrasions and irritation.
It has neutral pH value for intimate spheres of women.
Safe for the skin.
With a very pleasant smell.

Before application, check your allergic reactions by applying a small amount of gel onto your skin. If your reaction is allergic, stop the application.

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